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You can pick you friends, but you can't pick your neighbors.

As you can see from the evidence on this website, there are board members that have a great amount of animosity toward me. When someone is elected to the board, they cannot choose their fellow board members. But they can choose which board members they socialize with. They can choose which board members they campaign with. People are responsible for their own actions. A person's interactions with others can endorse bad behavior and/or discourage good behavior.

I am not the only homeowner that has had problems with hostile board members. But I can completely understand a homeowner maintaining a cordial relationship with such board members. I often hear, "I don't want to get on their bad side in case I need something fixed." That is really no way to live. Homeowners should realize that these bad relationships started as good relationships.

Also, I absolutely understand how intimidating it is when a board member or associate knocks on your door, asks you to vote for their preferred candidate, and then collects the ballot. It puts the homeowner in an awkward position. Especially since the person with the completed ballot can see who you selected. However, this technique is very, very effective.





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